Linda Hoyle

I've touched a luna moth
Seen it's wings disturb the air
Felt and earthquake shake my body
Twice refused a millionaire
Dragged a drowning man from seafoam
Let Shelly Winters comb my hair.

I sat beside a suicide
Whose love I sadly lost
Led a milkman's horse to water
As we slipped across the frost
Spent my youth researching meaning
That was cheap at twice the cost.

Through fences I've seen murders
And never called a cop
Been given sweets and Tizer
From my grannies little shop.

Rode my sturdy stubborn pony
Past a silent abattoir
Let my fingers bleed on metal
As I played my first guitar
Held my breath and prayed for heaven
While I was wishing on a star

Closed my boyfriend in a cupboard
As my parents tried the door
Cooked my past up in a cauldron
Ate all of life and asked for more
Swung the vicar by his cassoc
Watched him stumble to the floor

I was offered absolution
By the man who held my hand
Holy wine was no solution
Love was written in the sand

I crawled into the laundry
And lay among the vests
Shared my rations with a puppy
And gave the cat the rest
I packed my bag for leaving
Left a note where I confessed.

Watched my sisters little finger
Clutch around the sidecars rim
Let an uncle close it tightly
While I sat there neat and prim
Heard his startled cry of sorrow
And I thought to hell with him